My name is Kaleen Bird, it's nice to meet you!


If you have landed on my website, I bet you are thinking about outsourcing for your business, blog, social media, life, etc.?

Or perhaps you are curious about what a 'Virtual Assistant' even is? Kindly allow me to enlighten you!


If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or creative professional - I bet you are exhausted doing EVERYTHING all by yourself!

Am I right?

I completely get it...


I am here to help! It can be a tedious and confusing process having to organize, delegate and communicate your needs to someone

else, but it doesn't have to be. That's where a Virtual Assistant shines! We use communication methods, multiple software and a

plethora of badass skills to get any job done so that you don't have to learn an entirely new skill set!


Not only will this free up more time, but it will also alleviate a boat-load of stress and allow you to become;

A superstar entrepreneur!

 There is no shame in getting a little help! It will allow you to focus on your vision, have more time for family & friends,

travel, learn new skills or whatever your heart desires. Here is a taste of what I can do to make your life easier:


Pinterest Specialist
I help my clients grow their company or brand influence, while also increasing brand loyalty and awareness on pinterest. There is so much opportunity to grow your company or brand on Pinterest, it is often overlooked.
Instagram Marketing
I will research hastags, edit, schedule & post consistent and engaging photos, captions and info-graphics to help you get those leads & followers! Completely organically.
Social Media Management
I will manage your social media accounts like a boss! I excel at creating unique and engaging social media posts, captions, photos, graphics & more. I know when & what to post to get you the best results for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn & more!
Social Media Graphics
I love Canva! It allows me to create the coolest social media captions & graphics. I also know my way a bit around Photoshop (although it is a never-ending learning process), but I can make vectors & logos and that is pretty cool!
Website & Blog Design
I am a WIX certified Web Designer & it is my go-to platform for outstanding, affordable web design with endless options. It enables me to build unique and complex websites with sophisticated functions, such as video backgrounds & parallax scrolling and it provides endless creative freedom.
Shopify Store Design
Whether you want to build a Shopify store with your own products, drop-shipping or an affiliate store, I've got you covered! I am well versed with many platforms & plug-ins such as; oberlo, aliexpress, alidropshop & woo commerce. I will create a great looking store, that will have your customers coming back for more! I can also help you fill those orders & deal with customers.
Logo Design
I specialize in creating eye-catching, whimsical logos! My intense creative nature allows me to help you paint a picture of what you want your "brand" to portray to the world. I have also been known to come up with some pretty groovy business names!
Business Card Design
I have a penchant for creating whimsical, eye-catching business cards, product labels, posters, invitations, you name it!
I also provide printing services.
Travel Planning
Making travel plans can be so confusing & excruciating! As a travel blogger & previous travel agent - I am very acquainted with where to find the best deals for flights, hotels, tours etc. I will make sure you get to where you need to be, when you need to be there. Business or pleasure, I am your one-stop travel planner!
Leave the time consuming research up to me, it's what I am best at. Not only am I a speed-reader & a speedy typer, I absolutely love to research! I can get information for you faster than you can say, "Google!"
I enjoy writing fun & interesting blog content! Your posts will be seo rich (search engine optimized) and tailored to your ideal audience.
Writing & Editing
I enjoy researching any subject under the sun. I am pretty creative, so I can even ghostwrite an entire e-book if you wish! I guarantee that my written work will be engaging with zero plagiarism. I will also make sure that you have dotted all of your i’s and crossed the t’s! No need to remember which "there", belongs where.
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